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Laird Of The Mist
This is the story of a banished man who finds redemption in the arms of his true love. Alistair Kirallen first sees Deirdre Maxwell in a dream--or was it her dream?...
The Border Bride
Jove, Nov 2001, 5.99, 359 pp. ISBN: 0515131547 In 1375 Borderlands, the Scottish Kirallen Clan captures English neighbor Lord Haddon Darnley when he tries to pilfer some of their cattle. Haddon's father negotiates for the release of his son. However, the English border lord laughs at the last Scottish requirement that Lord Kirallen's son Jemmy marry the daughter of Lord Darnley so after several generations of feuding peace will finally arri...
The Borer Bride
The Darnleys and Kirallens are warring clans on the border of England and Scotland. When his son is kidnapped, the head of the Darnley family must agree to give his daughter in marriage to the Kirallen heir. But instead of sending his beloved and spoiled daughter Maude, he forces his illegitimate daughter, Alyson, to pose as Maude and marry Jemmy Kirallen in her stead....