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Endless River
Five Star, Mar 2005, 25.95, 226 pp. ISBN: 159414270X In Berredo, Texas, four hours from El Paso, Buck Powell pretends to be a police officer, shams the school administration, and abducts student Nathan Wheeler. The victim's seventeen years old girlfriend Amy Sterling becomes concerned about him because he never made it to the police station. Amy thinks nasty peer Zeb Mulroney, who she dated until she saw his abusive side, kidnapped Nate, but no...
When Kindness Fails
Five Star, Sep 2003, 25.95, 215 pp. ISBN: 0786254432 El Paso Detective Devon Gray is assigned to investigate the stabbing murder of a Jane Doe near the river. After completing his shift, he heads home where his live-in lover Samantha is hosting her ex-husband Jay Leher. Jay claims he drove not stop from Los Angeles because his girlfriend fled LA before calling him to tell him to forget her. Jay knows she is in trouble. Devon uses his connecti...