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Amy and Isabelle
Amy Goodrow is a high school sophomore in the small mill town of Shirley Falls in the early 1970's. Her mother is Isabelle Goodrow. Amy's father died when she was a baby, so Isabelle supports the family working as a secretary at the mill. Isabelle is an overprotective mother, but she thinks she is doing a good job with Amy until she discovers that Amy is having an inappropriate romance with her math teacher. Isabelle forces the man to leave town and v...
Olive Kitteridge
The protagonist in this novel shows up in each of the connected stories, even though the book is not a novel by traditional standards. In addition, to the aforementioned connected stories, the protagonist is not a likable character, which can be tricky since readers may not want to keep going on. After all, who purposely vandalizes the home of her newly-married son at a wedding reception in his home just to unsettle his wife, which is how the book begins...
The Burgess Boys
Bob and Jim Burgess are brothers who have a highly contentious relationship that only gets more strained when their sister Susan's son is accused of a hate crime. Bob and Jim Burgess are both attorneys who live in New York City, but their personalities are very different. While Bob is a sensitive underachiever who works for Legal Aid, his older brother Jim is an arrogant and high-powered lawyer who works for corporate clients. Their sister Susan, who is ...