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Murder at the Azalea Festival
In Wilmington, the azaleas are blooming, the dogwoods are flowering, and the bodies are dropping faster than cherry blossoms on a windy day. But it's spring, and Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, is much too distracted by love to give a thought to recent homicides, until one occurs at a garden party where she's a guest. When her client is arrested for murder Ashley tries not to get involved. But she knows the actress is innocent. And just who...
Murder on the Candlelight Tour
Set at Christmas on the Olde Wilmington by Candlelight tour, the mystery features Ashley Wilkes, a historic preservationist, and her sister Melanie, a realtor. (Mama was besotted with Gone With The Wind.) It's a dream come true for Ashley; her restored Victorian house is on the tour. But the dream turns nightmarish when a docent is murdered in the library, and history professor Binkie Higgins is the likely suspect. As the bodies drop faster than dead ne...