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Bargain For Love
Facing the mysticism of the women behind the veils, beautiful and demure Serena Valiente tries to forget the passionate night with Count Warren Di Spadafiera she mistook for a gypsy. Behind the black mantles and high walls, and despite an extravaganza of wealth, women yield to the oppression of the forbidden while others dissent it with illicit tactics. Controversially Serena acquires the effective primitive knowledge of feminine power and reassesses he...
Sealed By Revenge
Countess Elyssa Di Spadafiera's fate is sealed when she unwittingly embarks on a dangerous adventure in an oppressive land where women are hidden behind the veil and men are strong, powerful adversaries. Her strength and determination is severely tested when she must overcome unthinkable obstacles in her struggle to maintain her pride and honor. With the aid of a mystical ruby, she entrusts her life to the powerful Sheik Rakan, who yearns to find the ...