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It's a very cold, early spring morning in about 1867 when 21-year-old Etienne, a mechanic who lost his job in the south for slugging a foreman, chances into a coal mining job in the north of France. He soon learns the ways of the poor mining families of Montsou, especially the children of Maheu, with whom he lives for a while, and the 15-year-old daughter Catharine, who becomes the subject of a bristling romantic rivalry between Etienne and another young...
The Masterpiece
The masterpiece is about the beginning of the Impressionism movement in France in the 19th century. We see Claude Lantier trying to get recognition at the Salon, which refuses him year after year. We see him from a young man to a disabused artist commiting suicde leaving his wife in utter misery. Around him are described a group of painters, scultors, writers and musicians with various degree of success or failure. ...