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This is an entertaining British formula of romance, travel and mystery. Tansy is a small minded, trendy Londoner who plans for about six months, a long backpacking trip with her boyfriend. Tansy refuses to say they are 'backpackers' because she states this puts a label on her. This trip is precipitated by the death of her alcoholic mother and her inability to deal with her life after this death. Her long-time boyfriend, Tom, plans most of the holiday to ...
Plume, Apr 2004, 13.00, 336 pp. ISBN: 0452285038 Yuppies David and Libby argue whether they should go on sabbatical and travel along with their newborn for a year or so. Bored playing house mother though she loves her child, Libby wants to say yes to David's pleadings, but wonders if that is a good idea for their baby. As they debate the issue of travels with Charlie, their new neighbor lonely Maggie hears everything through the paper thin wall...