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The Curse of Arkady - Magickers 2
The Curse of Arkady Daw, June 2002, 19.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0756400740 Once upon a time two powerful magicians fought a bloody (magically speaking) battle to determine how magic would be used in the world. Neither side really won as magick was ripped out of this world and the elder practitioners moved forward into our time. The forces of light led by Gavan want to establish a school so fresh recruits could have a safe haven to learn how to use t...
The Dragon Guard
Dain, July 2003, 19.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0756401410 Centuries ago, a wizard turned to the dark side of magick and gained many followers who rallied to his side when he battled his teacher and those who followed the light. The battle was fierce and many magickers on both sides died or fell into a long sleep waiting to be woken. Some magickers including the wizard who started the battle were thrown into the present and the pure magickers sought out y...
The Magickers
When Jason Adrian is injured during soccer tryouts, he is devastated that he cannot go to soccer camp with his best friend. He was certain that he was doomed to spending summer eating Jell-O with his grandmother. But his English teacher unexpectedly comes to his rescue and he is off to Camp Ravenwyng. His overprotective stepmother cannot really find anything wrong with a camp for creative and imaginative students, so Jason finds himself on a funky little...