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Dominic "Niki" Glyndwr comes from the ruling family of Cymru, a relatively isolated planet that is not part of the Central Worlds Concorde - yet. When he returns home after a summer vacation, he finds changes on Cymru. His uncle, the Prince, is acting erratically and seems to no longer care for the people. Niki is determined to make things right and makes connections with an underground revolutionary movement. But, despite all his efforts, his planet is ...
War For The Oaks
In order for the fairies of the Seelie and Unseelie courts to kill one another in war, they have to have a mortal on their battlefield who will give them all mortality. The Seelie Court decides the Eddi will be that mortal, and they find her right after she's decided to quit the band she's in. A phouka (a creature that can change into both a man and a dog) is assigned as her bodyguard, because the Unseelie Court will now want to kill her. To pass the ...