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Anonymous Rex
Villard, 23.00, 276 pp. ISBN: 0375503269 What happened to the dinosaurs is quite simply, nothing. They never became extinct. Instead, they blended in with the faster growing “hairless ape” population. Today, dinosaurs keep the species in the closet, but take professional jobs like humans do. For instance, Vincent Rubio, a Velociraptor hides his tail with latex, works as a private eye. Currently, Vincent struggles to make a living s...
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys
Regan(Harper), 2004, 24.95, 298 pp. ISBN: 0060730315 Nearing thirty, Hollywood studio attorney Cassandra French constantly grades herself on six courses: Personality, Looks, Physical health, Mental health, Career, and Relationships. Her scores will vary in the first five courses depending on her situation, but she is a drop out when it comes to relationships as she has found men to be shallow and self indulged when they are sober; when males are...
Casual Rex
Villard, 23.95, 337 pp. ISBN: 0679463070 In Los Angeles, Ernie Watson's former wife Louise visits his detective agency to talk with his partner Vincent Rubio. She needs help because her brother Rupert, now using the name Granaagh, has joined the Progressive cult and she wants him returned home. Vincent explains that you cannot just kidnap an adult T-Rex because they have rights. Ernie arrives and immediately accepts the case gratis. ...