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Houston, We Have A Problem
Josie Adkins is an orthopedic resident, suffering from clumsiness due to her feelings for her co-worker, Dr. Houston Hayes. She realizes quickly enough that it is the cause of sexual tension. Dr. Hayes feels the same way, and offers the perfect remedy - in the form of a night of passionate lovemaking with no strings attached. Thinking they can fool themselves into believing that, they attempt to move on. However, Houston gets into an accident, and soon r...
Mouth to Mouth
Kensington Brava, Jan 2005, 14.00, 280 pp. ISBN: 075820843X Special Operations Police Detectives Russ Evans and Jerry Anders wait for con artist Trevor Dean to appear though both are surprised by his current choice of a victim. Trevor selects lonely plain looking females as his marks, but the woman working at Starbucks is beautiful. When Trevor fails to show up, the two cops wonder if Laurel Wilkins is Trevor's girlfriend. Russ enters the coff...
Smart Mouth
Reese Hampton (an aspiring journalist) is not giving up the mysterious envelope she found in her rental car, the one with the story that could take her from journalistic Siberia straight to the front page. FBI agent Derek Knight is investigating a pharmaceutical price-fixing fraud that has been going on with a huge company. To keep his already-infuriated boss from kicking him off the case, Knight agrees to give Reese an exclusive story if she'll sit ...