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A Gathering of Old Men
A Gathering of Old Men (1983) by Ernest J. Gaines is a novel about race relations in the American South. The action takes place over the course of one day in rural Louisiana. A white man has been shot dead and lies in the yard of a black man's house. Eighteen old black men gather at the house and each claims that he is responsible for the killing. The brutal white sheriff conducts his investigation as the old men await the revenge of the dead man's relat...
A Lesson Before Dying
This is the story of two young black men who are very different but both face the same issues of racial oppression in the era preceeding The Great Depression. Grant Wiggins is a young teacher who is in love with a married woman. He believes that the only way to escape racism is to leave the town of Lousiana where he grew up but has very bitter memories of. Grant is very insightful and intelligent and this is why he is asked by his aunt Tante Lou and h...
In My Father's House
Reverend Phillip Martin is a pillar of strength and rectitude in the small Louisiana town of St. Adrienne. He has led the fight for civil rights in the parish. One day, about 1970, a young, bearded and unkempt stranger who calls himself Robert X shows up in town for a meeting with the Reverend. When the two men meet, the young man's burdens come crashing down on both of them, and the Reverend Martin is forced to travel back into his wild and woolly past,...