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Ash Wednesday
Jimmy Heartsock, a Sergeant in the American Army, has dumped his beautiful girlfriend Christy. Now he decides he wants her back and wants to marry her. He follows her to a bus depot carpark and proposes on bended knee. She doesn't want to marry him and she is in fact four months pregnant with his child. However he persuades her to let him drive her in his Chevy Nova the rest of the way to Texas. On the way they discuss their lives. Jimmy confides...
The Hottest State
Ethan Hawke the actor's first novel is an accomplished book exploring obsessive first love. William meets Sarah in a bar and they hit it off. William falls in love with neurotic and troubled Sarah, but it is a one-sided love. The novel explores obsession, spontaneity, the compulsion of passion and ultimately William's psychological breakdown after being rejected by Sarah. William questions his own masculinity as part of this rejection and to stop ...