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SOS Titanic
Barry has just bored the Titanic, the unsinkable ship, and is now making new friends with people below his class. Pegeen and her brothers, the Flynn boys, are steerage passengers from his village in Ireland. They had, at first, wanted to throw him overboard, but things change quickly. In fact, things change so quickly that in just an hour, Barry goes from having fun with his new friends and dreaming of his new life to frantically searching for Pegeen an...
Terrible Things - An Allegory of the Holocaust
This is an allegorical children's book loosely based on a quote from Rev. Niemoller. Little Rabbit lives with a group of forest animals peacefully until the Terrible Things come. At first they take away the creatures with feathers. All the other animals allow it to happen, and then make excuses for why the Terrible Things might want to remove the birds. This continues until the only creatures left are the white rabbits. When the Terrible Things come for ...
The Summer of Riley
Danny runs home after his last day of school. It's the beginning of summer! He can't wait to get home and finish digging the pond in their backyard with his grandpa. He stops short as he remembers that his grandfather is dead. Danny's mother sees him depressed during his first week of summer and she is worried that he will be lonely without his grandfather. So she takes him to the dog pound and lets him have a large, white dog named Riley. Riley seems...