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More Than You Know
Leisure, May 2004 ISBN: 0843952156 The jury declared Hollywood actress Toni Cavender not guilty of the murder of porno film producer Robert Jameson. However, led by the media, the public believes Toni got away with a lover's spat homicide. Worrying about her missing daughter Maren and needing to escape the cage that she finds herself in, Toni reluctantly heads home seeking solace though her childhood memories are not the fondest. Toni hires ...
The Ghost of Carnal Cove
Leisure, Dec 2002, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 084395115X With the death of her mother, Makenna Lindsay is vulnerable, as she feels alone in the world though she is engaged. Still Makenna believes she loves her fiancÚ and they make love prior to their marriage. To her shock, the rat dumps her. Among her mother's possessions, Makenna finds the deed to a small house on Carnal Cove on the Isle of Wight. Needing time to heal from the two blows she just...
The Grotto
Kate was an American who was married off to an Italian count. Their marriage was extremely unhappy, and when her husband dies, Kate is left with nothing but a run-down old villa. The nearby villagers despise her because she is a Donati, even if it is only by marriage. She is attracted to Roberto, her brooding, handsome worker, but he seems to be hiding a secret....