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Cinderella Liberty: A Novel of America
Cinderella Liberty is about a private detective named Rick Olson whose client dies mysteriously at U.S. Customs. Rick begrudgingly leaves his beloved Thailand to solve the riddle, only to become enraged at being harassed by U.S. Customs officers because of sinister motives. His outrage against warrantless searches and the forfeiture laws is shared by former Supreme Court justice, Theodore Marsh. Together they join hands to carry out their mutual cause: ...
The Old Man and the Bay...Guantanamo Bay: A Novel
"The Old Man and the Bay…Guantanamo Bay: A Novel" is a violent encounter with two main plots. Professor Harlan Watt is a dreamer. He wants the initiative and referendum process to become the law of the land via a constitutional amendment. Renegades within the FBI and IRS see the drawbacks in such an arrangement, their treasured existence and power base being torn to shreds. Professor Watt is targeted along with Senator Thackeray, who's backing the bil...
The Sun Also Sets...America: A Novel of Amazing Thailand Versus the United States
America has stretched its tentacles of power and influence throughout the world. Democracy American style will prevail worldwide in the view of the current President. Any other form of democracy is unthinkable...until Thailand decides to grasp onto the concept of Participatory Democracy. The late professor, Harlan Watt, had a dream. That dream was Participatory Democracy, a democracy for all the People, not just the elite and rich politicians. After the ...