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The Black Joke
The Black Joke is a sleek, swift fishing schooner built by her owner, Jonathan Spence, and his now-deceased brother; and named after the 18th century pirate ship their ancestor sailed on. She is his pride and joy, and he is determined to hold on to her. But this is Newfoundland in the 1930s' depression, and cod markets are vanishing. Other fishing vessels are passing into the hands of local merchant Simon Barnes, as payment for debts. Although Sp...
The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
The author, Farley Mowat, and a friend buy a boat and try to sail it around the Maritimes. But this isn't just any boat - it's Happy Adventure, a Newfoundland schooner with definite opinions of her own and an obstinate refusal to do the things a boat should do (sail and float). During the course of the book, Mowat gives a fascintaing look at the Maritimes and the people who live there; he also acquires a wife, Claire, and a dog, the redoubtable and muc...
The Dog Who Wouldn't Be
In this sory there is a boy and he had a dog named Mutt. The dog thought that he could be more than a dog. ...