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Charleston Two Step
CHARLESTON TWO STEP by Fern Smith-Brown ISBN 1-59029-024-0 JBS Pub., Inc. 276 89th Street, Marathon, Fl 33050. This is a very funny, romantic comedy of two people who dance adroitly around the irristable force of falling in love. It is a playful romp between a man and woman whose lives and worlds are so different it seems unrealistic to pursue a relationship that slso seems so fantastically right. Never were two people more out of step then the aristocra...
Plantation is the story of Tilda, a girl caught in two worlds––that of the slave and the white side of her heritage, and of James Hamilton, aristocratic son of Stafford Hall Plantation. In a time of conflicting emotions and customs, a civil war lurches just over the horizon. Their love and lives are further complicated as the world they know begins to crumble. Yet, theirs is a love so strong it is destined to survive across a century....
Suffering loss of memory, Camilla Lloyd, is rescued by a stranger--a secret agent-- whom she falls in love with while not knowing who she is. She becomes a witness to a murder and must escape the killer. She helps the agent solve the gun-running case. When her memory returns, she does not go back to her boyfriend who cheated on her....