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French Relations
Tash French is in her twenties, unemployed and her boyfriend Max seems to be losing interest in her so when her mother, Alexandra invites Tash to spend the summer at the French estate belonging to Pascal, Alexandra's new husband, Tash agrees. She arrives in France, with most of her luggage lost and finds that Alexandra wants to host a huge party for her brother who is returning from America. The estate is full of other guests including aunts and uncles...
Well Groomed
In this sequel to French Relations, Tash French and her boyfriend, Niall, celebrate Christmas with her extended eccentric family. When Tash finds a ring in her Christmas cracker, her stepfather's mother thinks it is an engagement ring and tells everyone that Tash and Niall are getting married. Before they can tell everyone they are not, Tash and Niall find themselves involved in preparations for a wedding. But while some of her family are happily pr...