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The Incredible Madame Jessica
Jessica Wakefield believes that she is psycic. When they have a carnival to raise money for the school's library she decides to have a fortune telling booth. Jessica is pleased when everything she predicts comes true. The problem is she only predicts bad fortunes. Everybody believes she is causing the bad things to happen. Will she have to give up her psychic powers for her friends?...
The Ruling Class
When Twlya Gay moves to Dallas, Texas from Lubbock, she is totally unprepared for the social scene at her new high school. Although Twyla believes she has made friends with one of her classmates, Myrna Fry, she begins to realize that Myrna's only goal is to make a laughing stock out of her. Myrna loves the reigning beauty queen of the school, Jeanette Sue. Although Jeanette Sue treats Myrna like a dog, Myrna will do anything to fit into Jeanette's cli...