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A Voice in the Wind - Mark of the Lion 1
Hadassah, a Christan, is taken as a slave by a Roman family and falls in love with their son Marcus. Meanwhile, a Germaina warrior, Atertes, is taken as a gladiator to fight for his life in the Ludus. Both must face challenges and love as their lives intertwine, and bring them together in a triangle of hate and love....
Leota's Garden
Leota is 84, lonely and frail. She has a daughter and a son who don't even call her. When her husband was stationed in Germany during WWII, Leota was forced to move in with his parents, and her mother-in-law had deeply ingrained it into Leota's children's heads that their mother was selfish and didn't care for them. Anything Leota did was wrong. She worked six days a week to support the kids, but that was interpreted as thinking only about her career. Sh...
The Atonement Child
Dynah Carey is an average young women working as a chef at a retirement home when she is raped, and discovers she's pregnant. She wonders whether or not to abort the baby she is caring, but decides against it. Dynah instead plans on giving her up for adoption but once she see's the baby she cannot, and knows that the Lord wants her to keep the baby. ...