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A Dead Man's Honor
Silver Dagger, Dec 2001, 13.95, 220 pp. ISBN 1570721718 Bigotry thrives in Gallagher, Virginia in 1921, as the local Negroes know their place and what would happen to them if they step out of line. Drifter Mose Davenport hooks up with Ophelia who works for the white doctor. They are blamed for his death when an old gossip observes them leaving the doctor's place just before his dead body is found. Hester Rose is with Mose and Ophelia when ...
Old Murders
Silver Dagger, May 2003, 23.95, 202 pp. ISBN 157072217X The small southern college town of Gallagher, Virginia might seem quiet and tranquil to an outsider but crime historian Professor Lizzie Stuart certainly knows better. A Yankee real estate executive and a local businessman are locked in a bitter battle over the fate of downtown Gallagher. Lizzie doesn't know whose ideas are the better choice but since she just accepted a permanent position...