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Ransom at Sea
St. Martin's, Apr 2003, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0312300662 Chicago senior citizen Emily Charters takes her grieving friend Lynn Francis on a Great Lakes cruise to help the younger woman cope with the recent death of her lesbian lover. On board the same ship is nasty and dictatorial Marcella Hemsley who has no qualms at being the queen of mean and abusing her reticent companion, her young niece Rebecca. Surprisingly since she seems to still be grie...
Ransom for a Killing
After a decade in prison, convicted of raping a classmate, Ben Harvey, is released when DNA evidence proves his innocence. Shortly after being released, Laura Shay, his accuser, is found murdered in her apartment. Ben is the prime suspect. Chicago Police Detective Jeremy Ransom, with the help of his elderly friend, Emily Charters, begins looking into the ten year old rape. The answer to who killed Laura Shay, will be found in the past. Who really rape...