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The Mystery of the Yellow Chamber
Professor Stangerson has been working and living for fifteen years with his daughter in their castle, Glantier. A few days after Miss Stangerson decides to marry Robert Darzac, who has been courting her for fifteen years, somebody tries to kill her. A young reporter, Rouletabille, will try to solve the mystery. The yellow room where the attack took place was closed from the inside, so how did the attacker get there? During the research he finds out the ...
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera is mostly about a girl named Christine Daae (DI-A), a ballet dancer at the Paris Opera House. She is the musical student of a man who most call the Opera Ghost but who she calls the Angel of Music. His real name is Eric, and he lives in the lake below the Opera House. He is teaching her how to sing. When the main female lead at the opera leaves, Christine is called upon to sing and does so beautifully. But this does not bode w...