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If I Stay
I I Stay is the account of Mia, a teenage girl on the verge of becoming an adult, recovering and deciding if she will survive a traumatic event in her life. Mia is on her way to audition at Juilliard, extremely talented as a classical cellist. Her Dad is a retired rock-n-roll band, Mom is a former punk-like musician; needless to say, Mia find herself left out with playing classical and orchestra styled music. While the parents are discussing which radio ...
Just One Day
A young woman and young man fall in love and lose each in Paris. Allyson is on a student tour through Europe trying hard to hide her lack of enthusiasm and enjoyment in the trip. While her fellow students hit the pubs after visiting the sites each day, she convinces her more adventurous best friend Melanie to play by the rules most of the time by returning to the hotel to watch American movies. Melanie or 'Mel' as she has recreated herself to be has co...