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The City Under the Skin
Zak, a brilliant but underemployed clerk in a map shop, becomes involved in a complicated mystery involving mysterious maps that are tattooed onto the backs of women for an unknown reason. Zak is a clerk in a map store who is passionate about the science of cartography. He works for a wealthy and obnoxious man named Ray, who is also a real estate developer. Zak gets drawn into a mystery when he witnesses a homeless woman with a strange tattoo on her back...
The Hollywood Dodo
A would-be producer's dream of making a movie about the dodo is complicated by lies, time-travel, murder and other people's expectations. Rick McCartney is a struggling, self-proclaimed “auteur of the future” in Hollywood who wants to make a movie about a dodo, set in seventeenth century England. As part of his research into the real-life London of that time, he visits a past-life therapist. Much to their mutual surprise, he is transported back to 1640's...