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The Atomic Kid
John Smith is transformed into the antimatter world by an accident in Doctor Leitz's laboratory. He finds himself on a quest to right the wrong made that threaten John's world as much as the antimatter's world. A voice, called Master of the Perfect Word, becomes his mentor and guides him through this process. He gets hooked up with three other adolescents, Kate, Tex and Cal, to find loyalty and friendships where there were none. They find themsel...
The Atomic Kid - Adventures in the Antiworld
John Smith is an ordinary high school kid who gets caught in a scientific experiment devised by the evil Dr. Angstrom and performed by his half brother Dr. Leitz. The atomic ray designed to give Dr. Angstrom immortality, blows John into the Antiworld where a mysterious character called The Master of the Perfect Word teaches him about thought, and how important it is to his new ability to change both his shape and the course of history. Using his su...