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Cassandra Rakefield and Dustin Bennett were engaged to married. The night before they wed they make love and the next day Dustin did not show up at their wedding. Devastated, Cass went back to Texas with her Grandpa and took over his ranch when he died. Five years later, a horrible draught threw Cass's ranch in debt, desperate, she called upon Dustin's father, who is the keeper of her inheritance, to forward her funds out of her trust. Instea...
Juliana Townsend is a governess hired to take care of a spoiled six year old railroad heiress, Cassandra. When Juliana awakens to a strange noise one night, she finds that Cassandra's guardian, her step-father Ward Cabot, is trying to kill the little girl by putting a pillow over her face. In desperation, she hits him in the head with a candlestick and decides to kidnap Cassandra from the stepfather that is trying to kill her. Juliana decides her ...