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In Search Of The Kee
The espis is a natural phenomenon that occurs on the planet Doroon less than once in a lifetime. No Keeborn now living can remember the last time it occurred, but this natural disaster is now upon them and the human colonists they've befriended. The coming of the espis heralds a time of great storms and flooding for the entire planet. It's part of the natural cycle of the planet, cleansing it on a regular basis. But woe to any creature that finds i...
Race For Doroon
Human colonosts have decided there really are mysterious cats on Doroon after all and they're blaming them for the loss of cattle. The cats have decided that the humans, whose first act on arriving was to kill the King's heir, are just too uncivilized and must be removed. Meanwhile, the human throne remains empty since the Queen was assasinated years ago. The government she wisely set in motion continues to function but corruption runs unchecked. M...