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In the Service of Samurai
Chizuson Toshiro, performing his ordinary but skilled mapmaking skills in service to his master, senses the presence of something frighteningly unnatural in Master Shun's latest customer. Turning to greet the gruff-sounding man, Toshi sees a being with greenish, demonic-looking eyes whose armor is dripping with tufts of wet seaweed! As Toshi is forced to use his navigational skills to guide his eerie companions to their final mission, he is trained ...
Vassal of El
Haunted by torturous dreams, Torren travels to obtain a mercenary position which will offer some security and peace. But his rescue of a hunted orphan, Larana, seems to enfold both of them in a desperate battle between the earthly Landers and several vying groups with the Flyers. The latter are the Chosen, creations of supposed perfection who possess superhuman powers dedicated to virtuous living. But some have demonstrated their all-too-human frailties ...