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My Hero
Jove, Jul 2002, 6.50, 320 pp. ISBN: 0515133337 In 1329 eleven years old Cynthia le Wyte accompanies her father as he visits the de Ware brood on estate business. After two days of torture from the older de Ware siblings, Cynthia finds solace in a garden. She is unaware that her haven serves as the getaway of the youngest de Ware, Garth. When the girl reaches for a flower, Garth comes out of nowhere to stop her, but is too late as honeybees sti...
My Warrior
Jove, Oct 2001, 6.50, 320 pp. ISBN: 0515131539 In 1333, King Edward assigns a difficult task to one of his most trusted warriors. Holden de Ware must forge an alliance with the Scottish border clan Gavin. Holden and Angus Gavin work out an agreement, but a jealous lieutenant Sir Roger Fitzroi thinks otherwise and murders a stunned Angus. This devilish act leaves his daughter Cambria as chieftain. Cambria hates Holden for his betraya...