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Good Neighbors
The last day of Reggie DeLillos' life starts out with a bad cup of coffee and goes downhill from there. His dog Molasses is poisoned by the boy next door, and Reggie, who threatened to kill David Robertson when the boy admitted what he'd done, is discovered in the Robertsons' house standing over David's dead body with gun drawn. The rookie cop who stumbles onto the scene, draws his own weapon and shoots Reggie dead. Reggie's friend Juke Miller, an ...
Ninth Square
A naked man is found murdered in a sleazy New Haven, Connecticut motel room, it seems and open and shut case of a hooker killing a john, until the guy is revealed to be the head of a ultra right wing religious organization called, and that he in fact planned on killing the girl, who was only defending herself. Of course, the FBI doesn't see things that way. They want the girl for murder. Only Detective William Shute sees through the hypocricy. And af...