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Midnight Plague
Midnight Plague explores the possibility of biological warfare during World War II. A fishing boat runs aground in England with Jewish passengers dead from an unknown disease. An American doctor, Frank Brink, who has been working on possible antidotes for a biological attack is sent to France to find the source of the disease. The Allies are planning to invade Normandy in only a few days, so Frank must move swiftly to prevent the Germans from releasin...
The Longest Night
Putnam, Aug 2004, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0399151702 In 1943, American hit man Leonard "Mouse" Weiss knows he is fortunate to still be alive as he botched up his last assignment by allowing a witness to survive. Brooklyn Jewish crime boss Meyer Lansky knows that Mouse has been a loyal employee for years, but must make an example to others that failure is unacceptable, but does not want to have his man killed yet he cannot have him hang around the t...