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Chasing Hepburn: A Memoir of Shanghai, Hollywood, and a Chinese Family's Fight for Freedom
Gus Lee embarks on a massive endeavor: recounting the story of his parents' lives and how their lives were influenced by their parents. Starting with his ancestors, Lee simultaneously tells the story of 19th and 20th Century China. No details are varinshed over. Lee had a family member who was an opium addict who squandered what wealth his and his wife's family had. The family relationships are very entertwined as many generations live under the same...
No Physical Evidence
Henry Parker, a journalist, must find out who killed the homeless man with whom he had an encounter, and who it turns out is a brother he never knew he had. Deputy District Attorney Josh Jin ignores office and ethnic politics and tries to gain the confidence of a young rape victim so he can prove his case against the man charged and arrested when she reveals him as the perpetrator. Josh Jin, a rising star in the prosecutor's office is demoted to intake a...