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Feint of Art
Annie Kincaid is an artist with an ill-kept secret. As a teenager Annie studied – and mastered – the art of the fake at the knee of her rogue of a grandfather, the master art forger Georges LeFleur. Now thirty-one and entirely legitimate, Annie owns a faux finishing business in San Francisco and is proud to say that she hasn't been arrested for forgery since the eve of her seventeenth birthday. As Feint of Art opens, Annie has a midnight assignati...
Shooting Gallery
Something seems to be seriously awry with San Francisco's art community. Annie Kincaid, an ex-art forger-gone-straight, breaks the news that the “sculpture” hanging from a tree in an art gallery's grisly new garden exhibition is actually an all-too-real corpse. Then Annie hears that an old friend of her father's, the successful, reclusive sculptor Robert Pascal, has been accused of stealing his own work back from its rightful owners. For a hefty fee...