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Sin City
Forge, Sep 2002, 25.95, 383 pp. ISBN: 076530001X Twenty-two years old Las Vegas waitress Betty Riordan receives her fifteen minutes of “fame” when an ancient Howard Hughes has sex with her. Betty gives birth to a boy she names Howard Hughes, Jr. Three months after that Betty with her infant in tow tries to visit the father of her child. However, the Hughes entourage simply hands her cash to leave town with the renamed baby, Zack Riordan. Za...
The Pirate
Baydr Al Fay was raised to be a Westernized business man so that he could handle the oil riches of the Prince of his unnamed country. He is promised that his son will be named heir of the Prince, who has no sons of his own. Baydr's first wife, an Arab woman, bears him only daughters. He divorces her and marries, Jordanna, a young Californian, who becomes a Moslem and bears him two sons. Terrorists plot to use Baydr's family as hostages to get him to ...