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Oldtown Folks
This is a story about three kids who grow up together and later add a fourth when they're teens. Two of the kids are brother and sister who are walking with their mother to Boston to find their father, a British officer during the Revolutionary War. He sailed to England without them, and on the road, the kids' mom dies. The brother goes to live with Deacon Badger and his family (grandpa to the main character, whose dad died so he lives there, too), an...
The Minister's Wooing
Dr. Hopkins is a 40-year-old minister who lives in Newport, in New England. He falls in love with the daughter (Mary) of his hostess, but her heart belongs to James Marvyn (his father and Mary's mother are cousins). James goes to sea and is feared dead, so after a period of mourning, Mary (a very saintly Puritanical girl) resigns herself and says she'll marry the Doctor (as he's called in the book). Aaron Burr comes in as a potential love interest, bu...
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Uncle Tom has been a good and faithful servant (slave) for the entirety of his (now adult) Master's life. He has been dealt with fairly and kindly by the Master, his wife and son. However, the Master gets into some debt and decides to settle up by not only selling Tom, but also the young mulatto boy of the demure house slave Eliza. This is despite the Master's various estates, numerous horses, and opulant style of living. Eliza overhears this plan,...