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Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch
Buckhead, Georgia's executive wife, Lin Scott, moves back to her small home town in Georgia after discovering that her husband has spent all of their money and is engaged to a 23 year old stripper, even though he is still married to Lin. The ghosts of the Southern past are deep in her small town of Mimosa Branch. Corruption, love, spiritality, lust, acceptance of people that have changed and aging family members are just a few of the things Lin has to ...
The Red Hat Club
St. Martin's, Sep 2003, 24.95, 305 pp. ISBN: 0312316933 In the late 1960s the five women met while attending Atlanta area high schools. Georgia, Teeny, Linda, Diane and SuSu became friends as they discovered their sexual power over males. Over the years they remained friends though society battered at each one of them using the vicious tools of husbands and kids to try to destroy them. Now middle-aged with the beginnings of a bulge and aches, t...