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And Where Were You, Adam?
Hitler's once great army is broken and demoralized, the end of the war is imminent--but still soldiers are rounded up like criminals and sent to the front, Jews are 'evacuated, ' guns are fired, shells explode. In this novel Boll paints war as a series of idiocies, senseless accidents, and bizarre coincidences related only through death....
Billiards At Half-Past Nine
A story of life in post-Nazi germany after the war....
The Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum
This powerfully affecting short novel was written in 1974 and is a searching but bitter analysis of urban German society. Katharina is young, sensitive, competent and hard-working. She is scrupulously honest, she keeps herself to herself, she is well respected. There is a chance meeting with an exciting young man, dancing, a night together. Then her world is shattered. She turns herself in - confesses to the murder of a journalist. She is convi...