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A Spell of Winter
Robert (Rob) and Catherine (Cathy) Allen have grown up in their grandfather's house in rural England in the early 1900's. Their father has been committed to an asylum and it has been years since anyone heard from their mother Cynthia who ran off to live in France along the coast of Brittany. The dysfunctional lives of the two young Allen's never heal from the scars of abandonment inflicted by their mother. The Allen house is old and decaying along wit...
Talking To The Dead
Nina has taken time off from her job as a news photographer to be with her convalescing sister Isabel. Isabel has just given birth to a son and she is looking for emotional support. She, her husband Richard and the baby are at a seaside estate where it is hoped Isabel's health will recover, when they ask Nina to come and help out. Nina is having an affair with Richard and despite Isabel's frail health they pursue their tryst with an almost shameless r...