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A Moment's Madness
Harlequin, Aug 2003, 5.25 ISBN: 0373292694 In 917 AD Essex, England, the Saxons defeat the Danes routing them out of the village in an act of vengeance. With her berserker husband Ragnor Wolfcoat dead, Sigrit flees the invaders. Trapped she tells her pursuers that she already belongs to Saxon warrior Liefwin. The widower affirms her position. Liefwin asks a frightened Sigrid where he can safely leave her. She says she should go to her cous...
The year is 712 in England. Rowena purchases a handsome male slave for three reasons. One, to rile the man named Eadward, who fancies himself her next husband. Two, to enlist the slave in a scheme to avenge herself for her husband's death, which Eadward may or may not have had a hand in. And three, because the sight and touch of this slave has never made Rowena feel more alive as a woman. Wulf should mean nothing to her. He would have been put to deat...