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Before the Frost
New Press, Jan 2005, 24.95 ISBN: 1565848357 No one is more proud of Linda Wallender graduating from the Swedish Police Academy than her dad Chief Inspector Kurt Wallender. Linda looks forward to beginning work at the Ystad Police Department and ultimately to find a flat of her own, having lived with dear old dad until now. Dad is eager to mentor his daughter and she is eager to learn from him how to run an investigation though her patience ru...
One Step Beyond
Vintage, Nov 2002, 13.00, 400 pp. ISBN: 1400031516 On Midsummer's Eve 1996, the three twentyish friends garbed in period piece costumes celebrate the holiday in the woods that is near the midpoint between their homes until someone kills the trio. Swedish Inspector Kurt Wallander just returned from vacation, worries about what diabetes is doing to his health, but the shootings take precedent over his personal pity. Though the illness seems to ti...
Secrets in the Fire
Secrets in the Fire tells the story of Sofia, a daring girl. When her father is horrifically killed and her village destroyed, Sofia and her family must journey to find a new place to call home. They settle in and it looks as though everything is going to be alright. But then Sofia steps off the path. Right onto a landmine. Will she survive? ...