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Fire in the Mist
After the pox destroys her village, Faia, a young peasant girl with strong magical powers, decides to cremate all the corpses, since she can't possibly give them all a decent burial, as much as she would like to. To do that, she uses her magic -- and such a strong display of magic can not go unnoticed. Faia is invited to study at the university, or, better said, ordered to do that, so she would learn to control her power, instead of causing a minor disas...
Midnight Rain
Onyx, Nov 2004, 6.99, 330 pp. ISBN: 0451411757 Once Phoebe was in an abusive marriage to Michael Schaeffer, but when he threatened to kill her, Phoebe ran away. It took him three years to track her down. He entered her classroom intending to kill her and her students, but after he murdered a few she disarmed him and knocked him into a coma. He lies in a hospital not expected to awaken so when Phoebe receives the call from Michael that he is co...
Vincalis The Agitator
Aspect, Mar 2002, 13.95, 390 pp. ISBN: 0446678996 For three millenniums in Hars Ticlarim, Dragon magic has used slaves as a combustible material to keep the mansions in the skies and seas functional while looking aesthetically beautiful. The Inquestors secretly run everything keeping the elite happy with their starry homes while drugging the masses known as Warreners before incinerating them as the fuel source of choice. Now after thr...