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Talk about the novels, new and used books that Homer has written!

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The Iliad
The Iliad is the first book in Western literature, told c.720BC, it is set during the Trojan War c.1200BC. The noble Achilles, most powerful of the Greeks, has been serving in the war against the Trojans for nearly ten years. Originally it may have been about rescuing the beautiful queen Helen who was stolen away, but now it is about the wounded pride and hot rage of Achilles. After being publicly insulted by his leader King Agamemnon, in fury he refuses...
The Odyssey
It is around 1200BC by our reckoning, and on the Greek island of Ithaca the Lady Penelope and her almost grown-up son, Telemachus, have increasing fears. The Trojan War took ten years, and the Greeks won. But ten years later the cunning Odysseus, greatest of the war-heroes, has still not returned home to his lands and his place in society. He is missing presumed dead, and a hundred rich suitors are now encamped in his palace, eating them out of house and...