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The Promise of a Lie
Warner, March 2004, 23.95, 358 pp. ISBN 0446529435 He has an afternoon opening that Samantha Kent grabs up because she urgently needs to talk to psychologist Dr. David Remier. She confesses to him that she wants to kill her husband because that is the only way she can escape her marriage and keep her son. David tries to talk her out of it, but soon after their second session she calls him to tell him she killed her spouse. He rushes over to ...
The Up and Comer (Literature)
THE UP AND COMER centers on an up and coming senior associate at an exclusive law firm in NYC named Philip Randall. Ostensibly, Randall has the whole shebang in his back pocket and even a few advantages and luxuries in his front pockets. Even with the brilliant mind, upwardly mobile professional appointment, adoring boss, beautiful wife, and bulging bank account, he feels somehow incomplete. For this reason, Randall seeks his best friend's wife. The...
The Up and Comer (Thriller/Action)
Warner Jun 2001, 23.95, 326 pp. ISBN: 0446526665 Perhaps it is the remains of his youth, but ultra-confident attorney Philip Randall smugly feels he owns the world. Philip has some evidence to support his belief. He is climbing the legal corporate ladder at a record pace. His malleable wife comes from a very wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut family that adores him. Finally, the brazen Philip has a lover, who knows how to excite him. H...