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Escape from Warsaw (The Silver Sword)
This story relates the dangerous, arduous journey of brave Polish refugees during WWII. A Polish family fears the Nazis will separate them.  Their fears come true as their father is taken away.  Luckily he escapes from the Nazi prison camp and takes refuge in Switzerland, awaiting the rest of his family.  However, after the children's mother is seized, the three children, Ruth, Edek, and Bronia, focus only on surviving and avoiding the Nazis.  But even t...
The Silver Sword
What happens is that the Balicki children have to go from Poland to Switzerland and they lose their father and they meet Jan. Edek gets very sick and Ruth gets traumatised, and they both have to protect little Bronia. They are looking for their mother in Switzerland, and they get caught by the Germans-Edek on the moving train. There are lots of concentration camps that they end up in and a lot of the ordinary people in THE SILVER SWORD are farmers. There...