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Body of Lies
A politican is murdered and the body can't be found.A forensic sculpter named Eve Duncan is brought to the swamps of Louisianna, to a mansion where she is to try to put a face on a skull that is found. She encounters people who are desperate to stop her and take the skull. She makes a run for it with some help from a man who doesn't have a trustworthy reputation himself. They end up identifying the skull and at the same time unraveling a government plot...
Fatal Tide
Melis Nemid is a marine biologist who lives alone on a island with her dolphins, Pete, and Suzy. When Melis' adopted father, Phil, contacts her with a frantic message, she goes to him, only to witness his violent death. Melis knows why Phil died: he knew the location of a mythical sunken island filled with treasure, and someone else wants to know its location, and Phil refused to tell anyone. Melis reluctantly joins forces with Kelby, a young billionair...
The Search
Sarah Patrick and her dog Montey are part of an elite K9 rescue squad. Together, they go to disaster sites and search for survivors, or for bodies. When Billionaire John Logan contacts Sarah, he tells her that one of his top secret scientific research facilities has been attacked. Many of the scientists (who were finding new cancer treatments) were killed, and one has been kiddnaped and held for ransom. Logan know roughly where the missing scientist is b...