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The main character of the novel is a twelve-year-old boy whose mother is a truck stop prostitute (a.k.a. lot lizard) named Sarah. Though she is a terrible, abusive, neglectful mother, the boy idolizes her beauty and the skill with which she manipulates men. In an attempt to surpass her in these departments, the boy begins working for a pimp named Glad who specializes in transvestite prostitutes. Glad is a kind pimp, and he won't let his youngest whore ov...
The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
A little boy is taken from his loving foster parents by his eighteen-year-old mother. She neglects him, lies to him, and convinces him that she is the only person in the world who wants him. Told as a series of short stories, the book chronicles the boy's adventures on the road and in seedy motels and trailer parks with his mother and her rotating cast of boyfriends, and in the repressive, religious household of his grandparents....