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Dangerous Curves
Berkley, Jun 2004 ISBN: 0425196852 FBI Agent Calder Preston asks his ex girlfriend and former agent Raine Robey for unofficial help. Though she would like to say no because he let her down when she was in official trouble, Raine knows her fledgling business Partners in Crime needs the customer. Raine agrees to look into the trouble that Hope Ensher faces or least her disabled father believes she confronts in their Jackson Motors business. Cald...
I Spy
Berkley, Feb 2005, 6.99 ISBN: 0425201120 Joe McConnell CEO of McConnell Aerospace, believes that a member of his executive board is selling secrets not just as an espionage spy to a rival company but to a foreign government. He hires former FBI agent Aimee Devlin of Partners in Crime to ferret out the culprit amongst his inner eight. Pretending to be an executive assistant, Aimee soon hones in on the newest member of the inner sanctum, CFO Race...