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Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Dr. Miles Bennell, 28, a general practitioner in the small Marin County town of Mill Valley, California, has several patients come in and complain that their loved ones "aren't themselves." He refers them to Dr. Manfred Kaufman, a psychiatrist in San Rafael, and the complaints gradually go away. But then a writer friend, Jack Belicec, shows Miles a body he found hidden away in his house, with unformed facial features and no fingerprints. Gradually it daw...
Time and Again
Commercial artist Simon Morley is chosen by a secret U.S. government project to travel back in time to 1882 New York City -- just to prove it can be done and to observe. He enjoys the sights of the city at that time: still much farming on Manhattan, the Dakota and Museum of Natural History standing pretty much alone, the arm of the Statue of Liberty standing by itself in Madison Square, and many other things. But he also falls in love with Julia Charbonn...